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About us

Modeo is a Lebanese startup founded by Emile Arayes and Aline Gemayel in 2015. It’s a Do-It-Yourself furniture solution based on a mobile app for anyone to customize, visualize, and order modular parts that are very easy to assemble. The parts interlock together easily – much like Lego – to create any furniture around the house, It can be for example a TV set, a wardrobe, and even a kitchen. Modeo is an easy  and quick way for anyone to get good quality, customized furniture, at an affordable price.  

The co-founders

co-founders Aline Gemayel and Emile Arayes

The process is fun! Download the mobile app, design what you have in mind using drag-and-drop, and visualize your creations in augmented reality. Once you’re ready, you can order the ready-to-assemble parts that will be shipped to you very quickly. What’s more interesting is that once assembled, the furniture remains easy to disassemble and reassemble in new ways… which makes it transformable, smartly pack-able, and easy to move. Modeo’s furniture solution is sustainable, eco-friendly, and customized to allow you to transform it over time depending on your needs.

The story

Modeo started in 2015 in Lebanon when Emile and Aline won a local pitching competition, the Startup challenge during the Lebanon Open Innovation Week. They were invited by the World Bank for a study tour in London to discover entrepreneurship at a global scale. The product started evolving via the creation and testing of the first hand-made prototypes under the support of Bader.  In October 2015, Modeo joinedSpeed@BDD‘s startup acceleration program and received a $30,000 dollars seed investment that allowed them to develop the alpha version of the app and more advanced prototypes as well as grow the team. They are now based at Berytech in Lebanon and about to finish the beta version of the app and the furniture prototype. They are getting ready to test their solution with a bigger number of clients, update the business plan and raise further investment.


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